Monthly Archives: June 2013

JDC: Frontiers

I never meant to leave you. If nothing else, you must believe at least this. I did not want to leave anything behind, but ultimately I had no choice. None of us do, when it’s time to pay the final bill. And the Grim Reaper isn’t someone to wait for his dues – he just takes.

I often think back to the earlier times, when I was still a kid and we used to go see my grandpa. I’ve always thought of him as the last real cowboy. And I don’t mean the type you see in the movies, like in the early ones from John Ford, I mean a REAL cowboy. He’d know what to do and how to compose himself in any circumstance. It was the kind of wisdom one gathered over the years while living on the open ranges. It was as though the rugged terrain had ingrained itself into his very being, making him not handsome, but an honest, hardened and hearty person. Just the kind my grandma could fall in love with. At least that’s how she told it to me.

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