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JDC: Driftwood

As the cold water breaks in front of me, I remember the first time, you and I stood here. Back then, everything was still okay; everything was new, was exciting. We were fine; whatever this „we“ was. Not love, not friendship, not pure business partners, something in between and none of the above at all.

Back when we started out, we immediately realized, how different we were. It was necessity that required our cooperation, but from there something grew and flourished. And it led to success, made our working together smoother. I learned to respect your difference as you did mine – at least I think you did. We even discovered some similarities, another pebble in the great mosaic, that made “us” better in the long run.

In the night after the completion of our first business venture, we celebrated. Right here, in this very spot, we sat and talked, drank wine, smoked a couple of joints and listened to the stereo in my car, which I had driven halfway up the shore. At some point, you’d gotten up, said you’d be right back. I can’t remember, what I had been thinking about while I waited, when the music suddenly changed.

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